Secure Data Backup


Our Managed Backup Service Merges Offsite Backup with Onsite Backup

LiveBackup is an automated, remote backup service that safeguards your business-critical data easily and cost-effectively. Our online backup service frees you from all ongoing backup tasks and the need to invest and maintain hardware, software and media.

We combine an onsite vault with two offsite vaults. Our “ready to restore” onsite vault offers LAN speed backup and restore to every online site. Data from the onsite vault is then replicated to remote offsite vaults located in secure data centres. A single web interface provides your network administrator with a full view of all your local and remote backup sites.

Based on your input and definitions, our professional team installs and configures the LiveBackup system to suit your online backup requirements. From this point, reliable, scheduled local and offsite backups are performed automatically, requiring no involvement from you or your team.

Data Restoration

While the effective backup of data is imperative, the whole purpose of backup is restoration. You need to be able to get your data back online, completely and quickly. Every time. With LiveBackup’s multi-location backups, you are assured that data can be restored at any given time. The restoration process takes minutes, so that your business can continue running smoothly.

You can independently retrieve data at any point from your onsite vault, using your LAN network. In the event of a site disaster, you can retrieve data from one of the offsite vaults via a broadband connection within minutes. Data restoration requires you input the two sets of encryption keys in order decrypt the data and ensure security.

Reporting & Notification

Apart from reviewing mail reports, which allow you to monitor backup status, the only time you need to use LiveBackup is in the event that data needs to be restored – a process that can usually be performed online within minutes.


Monthly Service Plans start from $119 for 50Gb of off-site storage, data backup plans are available up to 1Tb of off-site storage.

For further details or to discuss a customised solution contact our sales team on (08) 8944 2244 or email cybersecurity atsg