Online SPAM Protection


Hosted SPAM and Virus Security

Connected Office delivers SPAM Protection that is provided by its sister company Arafura Connect. Arafura Connect has invested heavily in SPAM Firewall appliances to offer our clients some respite from the SPAM overload that we all suffer from. These devices have removed 98% of the SPAM and 99% of spyware and virus infection from clients e-mail and this service is offered to all of our downstream clients as another level of protection.

By moving your email security to the cloud, you spare your organization the bandwidth, processor, and storage costs that must otherwise be dedicated to removing the email you don’t want in the first place. Moreover, you remove the administrative burden required to install and maintain a diverse set of in-house email security products.

Arafura Cloud Spam Filtering expands upon cloud email security by providing a solution that transparently cleans all your incoming emails from unwanted advertising, pornography and broadcast emails which all amount to Spam.

  • Performance
    The Arafura Connect Spam Filters are based on world leading security platform from WatchGuard. The Spam filter processes all your incoming mail and removes the SPAM and unwanted emails all within milliseconds so as to not delay the delivery of your email to your local mail server.
  • Security
    Arafura Cloud Spam Filtering addresses a full range of known threats, including spam, phishing, and zombie attacks. It also addresses hard-to-detect, low-volume, short-lived targeted attacks such as Cryptolocker. Additionally, Arafura Cloud Spam Filtering identifies new and evolving blended threats, such as malicious content through a download URL or an executable file.

  • Backup
    In the event you experience a local internet connection failure or more our service will store the emails for up to 48 hours to allow rectification of the service, delivery to alternate mail servers can be undertaken as needed.



The Arafura Cloud Spam Filtering service is priced at $2.75 / Mailbox per month for sites with up to 50 mailboxes, tiered pricing is available for sites with larger volumes.

A once off setup fee for mail server and domain re-configuration.

For further details or to discuss a customised solution contact our sales team on (08) 8944 2244 or email cybersecurity atsg