Hosted Desktop Services


Cloud Hosted Environment

Our fully managed Hosted Windows Remote Desktop solutions are in a virtual dedicated “Cloud Hosted Environment” that offers clients a secure, managed, and maintained IT Infrastructure.

Our remote desktop hosting allows you and your colleagues to simultaneously work in a high-speed network environment without ever having to take on the cost of purchasing or maintaining servers, expensive networking equipment, software licensing and backup systems.

Using our remote desktop application you can connect to your virtual server from anywhere and gain access to your business applications, data files, emails and more! It will provide you with access to all of your applications such as MS Office, Quickbooks, Adobe, MYOB, FireFox, Internet Explorer and many more!

The service can be accessed via Windows PC, Apple Mac and now Apple iPad / iPhone or Android devices to give you full access to you applications and data anywhere you may be.


Pricing for the service is made up of several components such as applications required and whether any system migration is required from a previous system, user pricing starts at $65 / month for the basic service which includes access to Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat and Internet Explorer.

Depending on your current network, communication services and IT hardware additional configuration and upgrades may be required to deliver the services you need, in this situation a fully costed proposal would be undertaken to ensure all aspects of the service are addressed to meet your requirements.

Additional hardware and services can also be funded into the monthly service cost.

For further details or to discuss a customised solution contact our sales team on (08) 8944 2244 or email . cybersecurity atsg